Sustainable And Responsible Packaging Through Technological Innovations


Unilever has touched so many lives because its 400 brands that are focused on health and wellbeing. Unilever has produced some of the leading brands of healthy foods including soaps and shampoos that people use to feel and look good. However, what are deemed to be more impressive with the company are not its multiple products but its commitment to sustainable and responsible packaging.

For packaging to be sustainable, its environmental footprints must be reduced while increasing its positive social impact. One of the technological innovations in packaging design in order to achieve its goal of sustainability is the reduction of materials used in packaging. MuCell Technology eliminates the middle layer of packaging and injects it with air bubbles so that durability will be enhanced while using less plastic.

MuCell Technology is an exciting breakthrough in bottle packaging because it allows products to retain their shape with fewer materials used. Apart from cutting down on the weight of packaging, reduction in the use of packaging materials means lower shipping costs and less greenhouse gas emissions. Since Unilever produces about 33 million bottles for Dove Body Wash, the new packaging technology allows them to save 275 tons of plastic annually. Take note that the savings is for one product alone.

Aside from sustainable packaging, the company also focuses on increased recovery of their plastic bottles through recycling. However, the success of recycling is not only dependent on the efforts of the company but the collaborative endeavor of its customers. There are areas like Baltimore and Chicago where there are relatively low rates of recycling and Unilever plans to encourage consumers by unlocking new recycling facilities with more recycling bins, carts and trucks. is a packaging company in the United States that supports sustainable packaging through its recyclable gift bags or boxes and paperboard containers. Packaging designs are creative and unique so that customers will be encouraged to reuse the items for future needs. allows its customers to customize packaging so that the purchase of a product will be more memorable. Whether packaging is for commercial or individual purposes, the packaging requirements will be efficiently provided.