Tech Experts Discussing AI For Kitchens And Bathrooms


Artificial intelligence is the next big thing, according to tech experts, and some of them are saying that they’ll soon be hidden amidst natural stone bathroom tiles and ceramic sinks, as they’re expecting that AI will be coming to baths and kitchens everywhere.

Scott Koehler, a North Carolinian tech and kitchen design professional, note that AI, in the form of voice recognition and image recognition, is now being used in homes, like in smart speakers. Other major manufacturers as also integrating AI capabilities into their newer products.

Voice control is now present for hands-free faucets, which can be instructed to pour exactly a cup of water when you’re cooking. NJ Tech Consultant Ryan Herd says that Kohler have a voice-enabled toilet, which let them voice activate flush, with minimal effort. This feature, he says, is really useful for wounded veterans, the elderly and the infirm, who find getting up and sitting down difficult. He says that using AI technology to make their lives easier for them is a good thing, predicting that the increasing popularity of AI and its potential for helping older and disabled people retain a bit of their independent living.

Herd explains why having AI running beneath all the natural stone bathroom tiles might be good, saying that an AI at home would know that they get up daily at 5am, when they go to the bathroom, put in the contacts, and brush his teeth. The AI adapts, removing the need to interface their environment, giving us extra time. Herd says that that’s where AI and smart home tech are really going to come into itself and provide value to customers.

Koehler designer explains that image recognition is now used for the house, to create smart doorbells, allowing the doorbells to recognize homeowners and let them in. This technology, he says, can be used in the future to keep kids and toddlers from turning on dangerous appliances that they shouldn’t. Certain appliances can already read bar codes or QR codes, simplifying the cooking instructions.

The technology is still in its early stages, and certain bits of technology aren’t really worth using, voice and smart speakers, which can be used to make life easier, is worthwhile.