Tech That Are Expected To Come Out Within Five Years


At the beginning of the year, the Consumer Electronics Show was held at a convention center in Las Vegas. The event was a networking opportunity for producers and manufacturers of tech products to get to know new faces and business opportunities. From the same event, it was realized just how much connectivity controls our daily live. There is nothing the like of high-tech leather seat covers but there were presentations of various technologies that link objects we use every day such as massage chairs, bread makers, sunglasses and padlocks.

The biggest collaboration between AI and connectivity can be demonstrated by the self-driving cars. This is why it was not surprising to see the auto industry making an appearance during the event. Through the said event, there are five new technologies that are expected to be launched in five years time or less.

  • I2V which means invisible to visible is the new technology developed by Nissan, a Japan auto manufacturer. The company said that through the tech, users can utilize the data from other vehicles and security devices which can then be used in order to create a navigation display that is an experience itself. It is also possible that through the tech the car driver will be able to see inside shops they are merely passing through. This way, safety will be prioritized and processes will be more efficient.
  • Laser headlights were developed by Shuji Nakamura, a winner of the Nobel Prize, which is 10 times brighter compared to LEDs. The headlight system has been certified by the UL and it can be utilized in cars that are connected either through Wi-Fi, Li-Fi or high speed. As of writing, the technology is still considered as illegal in the United States.
  • One of the most important technologies nowadays is the cybersecurity. For instance, it would be chaotic if a system controlling self-driving cars was override by someone who is not authorized. This is why it was reiterated the importance of cybersecurity. Just as we want to protect our car seats by purchasing leather seat covers, we should also be aware of the threat not just online but offline too.