Technologies That Changed Marketing

Marketing is no longer the same a few years ago. Technology had made sure of that. In a recent report, 73 per cent of marketing executives believe that the future of marketing would be all about Artificial Intelligence or technologies that are using AI while 20 per cent believe that the key to marketing in the future are smart assistants, chatbots and bots. Big data is also making waves in because 63.5 per cent that it will change the face of marketing. Businesses including tile suppliers of white kitchen tiles are expected to see the impact of these technologies in marketing soon.

A principal analyst named Brian Solis said that the biggest impact will come from artificial intelligence and machine learning because it will give the human touch to marketing – a though he considers to be ironic. Majority of experts in the marketing department said that technology will improve the communication between the consumers and the brand. There is also the outlook that personalization will no longer be king but rather individualization will take centre stage.

In a survey of 350 marketing experts, they predicted that the top 10 technologies that will impact marketing includes AI or artificial intelligence focusing on machine and deep learning, big data to be employed in personalization, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and a mixed of both, chatbots and messaging bots, mobile technology to be utilized in geolocation, voice-first technology, blockchain and digital currency, branding which tackles non-technology use, performance marketing based on data and ROI and customer databases through data management channels.

More than half into the year and it is obvious that AI took home the prize as the top success for this year’s marketing. Aside from AI in general, chatbots and bots are also employing AI technology in order to function along with voice-first computing. Even big data is expected to function better when incorporated with AI.

Marketers are now pitching to business such as suppliers of white kitchen tiles because they found that the best combination would be to use AI along with bots and assistant to redefine the face of marketing in ecommerce.