Technology In 2015 That Will Change Dining Experiences


Years ago, dining together means having a chance to catch up with everything that has happened that you haven’t posted online yet and leaving technology and the internet for an hour or two but new dining technologies will change the way people dine in 2015.

If you think you have seen everything after being able to reserve a table via phone call alone, order food using a touch screen kiosk and paying your restaurant bill with a virtual wallet then you’re in for a treat. Technology is catching up with everything humans do and this list are great proofs.

1. When someone hears the word drones, they always associate it with military. 2015 may be the year where you get to order a pizza and have a drone at your doorstep delivering your order. A pizza company, Domino, has been testing this drone delivery technology since 2013. This is great news for drone companies. Dining will be more elegant if you have robots as your server. Infinium Robotics has been testing the idea of a drone serving your meals at your table.

2. Good news for people who own an Xbox One, Domino recently released its application exclusively for Xbox One users so they won’t need a phone to order. The downside is that it’s only available in UK and Ireland – for the meantime.

3. Restaurants are looking to copy the idea of changing meal prices according to peak hours and demands. This idea is being implemented on cabs where passengers will need to pay more during peak hours or get a discount during slow hours.

4. The hardest thing anyone has to decide in a restaurant is what to order. Good thing Tobii Technology, a Swedish company, is currently developing a tech that could help you decide what to order by tracking your eye movement. Pizza Hut is already testing the idea which some customers find as disturbing as mind reading.

5. Some restaurants have booming sounds which makes it hard for anyone to have a decent conversation without having the need to shout. Meyer Sound has developed a technology for restaurant’s sound systems. The company installed the sound system on a newly renovated restaurant in California called Oliveto. The sound is said to be of second concert hall quality. It is equipped with functions needed so anyone can adjust the sound depending on the time of the day and the event held on the restaurant.