Technology Innovations In Waste Management


With the world getting extremely crowded, more waste is being generated by people. However, junk removal Orange County is not one of the businesses considered as the best subjects for innovations. Considering that an average person produces about four and half pounds of waste every day, it is about time for technology to be used in the management of waste disposal.

Sorting of plastic waste is time consuming and largely inefficient. An innovation called near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy can capture subtle differences in polymer compositions to provide a fast and efficient way of material identification. If a huge scanner can be used in identifying fingerprints of various plastics, it will speed up sorting and reduce manpower necessary for the task.

One of the early innovations to the waste industry is RFID or radio frequency identification that can track where and when pickups are being done, the routes that are being used, who is recycling and how often waste is recycled. Monitoring through RFID can single out problems early on to help in creating incentive programs for everyone.

One of the new methods to reduce the bulk of food waste is the removal of water from waste and allowing bacteria to eat up the leftovers. While this is an effective process, it is still on the pilot phases and trials. The use of microorganisms is not new but what makes it revolutionary is the huge amount of waste that is eaten away.

However, the most remarkable improvement in waste removal is the massive shift in the idea of trash. Private companies are providing junk and garbage removal because they know that trash is becoming a commodity. There is a skyrocketing profitability in junk and garbage disposal. Waste management itself is becoming a very lucrative industry because of the idea of having a greener environment for the future.

When constructing or renovating a home, it is very easy for trash and junk to build up. Getting rid of junk is an overwhelming task but if you hire junk removal Orange County, you are ensured that the task will be accomplished safely and efficiently. A professional junk removal company has the experience and equipment to handle any kind of junk.