Technology Makes Last Mile Delivery More Efficient


One of the drivers in the growth of the courier companies is online shopping. Factors such as delivery within a specific time slot ranks high on the list of services that the online shoppers find as the most attractive. There are instances where online shoppers are willing to pay extra for same day delivery.

However, the rapid growth of online shopping is causing problems for some delivery networks that are not prepared for the booming shop-to-door business model of ecommerce. Deliveries are delayed because of suboptimal routes, low densities and the long distance between the shop and the customer. Sometimes, the package is delivered but nobody is home to receive.

Long distance shipping does not encounter these issues because international courier companies have built an efficient global network over the last decade. In order to ensure an efficient last-mile delivery, DHL in Germany has begun to produce its own electric vehicles so that they can make emission-free deliveries.

London-based Starship Technologies is currently experimenting with self-driving containers that can deliver food and other products to campuses and office parks. The robotic units are so small that they can move along the sidewalks when the roads are clogged.

However, in some areas, the problem is low density and the long distances between the stores and the customers. This makes delivery rather difficult. A solution that Amazon has been experimenting with for the last 2 years in the rural areas of England is the use of drones. Once the nation’s air traffic control system has been overhauled, drones will be a common sight even in densely populated areas.

Most large retail stores and transportation companies are also experimenting with drones for the delivery of lightweight, high value packages. Companies like UPS and Mercedes Benz are testing the launching of drones from delivery vehicles so that they can undertake the “last yard” delivery.

There are courier companies that offer low cost international services. Additional benefits include full online tracking and door-to-door parcel service including the option of transit insurance cover for loss or damage. The courier company guarantees the best customer satisfaction and confidence that the private details submitted online are safe and secure.