Technology Tools To Make The Job Of Event Planners Easier

Desktops, laptops and smart phones are some the tools that you can find in an events planners’ arsenal. These tech tools are used to access vendors like marquee hire in Sydney to provide the event products that will help in creating a successful party. Meanwhile, more and more tech products are being launched into the market to make the job of the event planner easier and more efficient.

Minibar Delivery operates as a marketplace that partner with local stores that deliver beer, wine and spirits to busy event planners who do not want to do errands. The on-demand service has an objective of being able to deliver online orders at the customer’s doors within 30 to 60 minutes. It has now expanded its operations to more than 40 markets in the United States.

Minibar recently launched cocktail hub on its website to provide inspiration and event-oriented content for shoppers during the holiday season. Consumers can browse the site to gain understanding on the social nature of alcohol consumption. There are also ideas on related ingredients that consumers can purchase for delivery.

After introducing the alcohol delivery service in 2013, the marketplace noticed that there were many calls from consumers who were planning to throw happy hours or parties. They wanted some assistance on what was exactly needed for a successful party. The team of Minibar developed an internal tool that will respond to inquiries. The team finally decided on a customer-facing resource through an “Event Planner” page on the website.

The feature “Party Planner” requires shoppers to enter the number of hours they are hosting the event, the time of day whether day or evening, the number of guests expected and the type of wine, liquor and beer that will be served. A click on the Get Info button will generate a drink menu and the number of drinks that will likely be consumed.

If you are planning a wedding, corporate event or a party for the holiday season, one of your best options is marquee hire in Sydney that has a wide selection of marquees in different sizes. Aside from the marquee, event-related products and services are also offered for the most affordable prices.