The 5 Basic Tools For DIY Plumbing

Your house’s plumbing should always be taken care of because it is one of the most important parts of the house. The plumbing system can be described as the circulatory system of the house and while the human circulatory system distributes blood all over the body, plumbing on the other hand distributes a very important resource all over the house. Everyone needs a good steady supply of water in order to get through the day and it would be such an inconvenience when the circulation of water in your household is obstructed.

Normally, when people face a problem with their plumbing, the first thing that they do is to examine the problem. But after examining the problem, you must carefully weigh in whether you are physically capable of conducting the repairs yourself or if you would need to hire professional plumbers. People often make the mistake of touching something they know nothing about. For simple repair jobs however, it would probably be best if you know how to repair them as it would not only save you money but would also help you develop a better understanding for the care and maintenance of your plumbing system.

When conducting your own repairs, you must at least have these 5 basic plumbing tools.

  1. You can never do a plumbing job without your good old pliers. Pliers help take things apart much easier. It is recommended that you at least have a pair of pliers with you, one to stabilize the pipe and one to unscrew it.
  2. Basin Wrench. Basin wrenches are specific for sinks and faucets as they can be used to tighten or loosen things which are hard to reach like under or in between the sink.
  3. Pipe Wrench. The pipe wrench is the tool that is mostly associated with plumbers. These wrenches are used to tighten or loosen pipes especially those that are threaded,
  4. Preferably of many size and shapes, these handy tools are able to remove different types of screws when doing plumbing repairs.
  5. This tool is able to cut through metal pipes when needed.

Note that if the job proves too complex for you to do alone, then do not hesitate to call on professional plumbers like Richards Plumbing otherwise you might only worsen the problem.