The Benefits Of 3PL In Cross-Border Shipping


A third-party logistics company, or 3PL, is a warehouse that is situated in the international destination of your shipping goods. This service allows you to hire third-party businesses to complete certain processes of the shipping procedure, such as packaging, transportation, and temporary storage.

If you have a large business that does frequent exports between the US and Canada, consider using a 3PL service to help you optimize your approach.

The business of exporting goods can become complicated, but 3PLs with robust systems can help solve common problems and offer best practices that will serve your needs. After a shipping carrier collects the items from your warehouse facility and transports them across the border, it is sent to your partner 3PL service, which handles the sorting, packaging, and the final dispatch and delivery of your goods.

Below are some reasons why a 3PL service can help you optimize your delivery methods better:

  1. Save on overhead costs

Depending on the frequency and scale of your shipping, your relationship with your 3PL partner can drive down your expenses by negotiating volume discounts. You can also save on making investments on your own business’ infrastructure, since the 3PL service will be able to accomplish these for you, such as track and trace technology, the procurement of a warehouse location, and the transportation needed for the final delivery.

  • Reliable and expert service

As 3PLs are specialized in what they do, you can rest assured that they know the systems and processes in place, such as documentation, fees, and logistics in the destination country. This streamlines the process and lets you focus on the main focus of your business while your 3PL partner focuses on what they do best.

  • Expansion of consumer base

Since you are doing cross-border export, you are casting a wide net for expanding your base and tapping into new areas. By expanding your availability to new customers, you are encouraging the growth of your business while also providing the scalability of your third-party logistics partner.

Outsourcing services such as those provided for by 3PLs like Titan Transline will help you optimize your business as well as be more competitive within the North American region.