The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising

Advertising and marketing are often confused as having exactly the same meaning. Although they share equal objective, which is to alert consumers that new products and services are out in the market, these two concepts are not the same. To help you understand their differences, read on.



Marketing needs research and analysis where you need to learn audience response. It also requires you to create language and design in order to have an impact on your audience. A lot of consumers like it better when the business has attractive images and witty words. This is why slogans and mission statements should be given importance to. These are effective tools that can speak for your product. With marketing strategy, you will learn the 4 Ps. These are product, place, price, and promotion.


A marketing campaign is responsible for transmitting messages, such as the kind of consumers you are targeting, the kind of environment where your product fits, and more related information. By using marketing materials, these messages will be understood by consumers and can establish the personality of the product. Pricing and the means of product distribution is also an important aspect of market research.



When you are working on making a product and service recognized by your target audience, which is advertising. It is the concept of presenting what you sell to the public. With this, you will have to bring the campaigns to the media in order to expand the area of your advertising. It also makes use of creative positioning. Furthermore, it should have proper timing and must be specific with strategies. When running a business, it is important to know how well your advertising is doing. An example of this is King Kong advertising review which shows how people think about the company.

To achieve an effective advertising campaign, it is best to use the right platform that can entice your target consumers. If your product is for the young generation, then you should consider using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media that are popular among them. You may also read King Kong advertising review and get more tips.