The Different Roles That Illustrations Play


Many book illustrations, greeting cards, architectural renderings, map illustrations, and unique advertisements are the products of the skills and experience of illustrators. They specialize in interpreting concepts through visual representation that corresponds to the written idea. Currently, both traditional and digital illustrations are flourishing because of social media.

Illustrations play an important role in picture books and book cover art. Illustrations enhance and accompany children’s literature to help bring life to the book and allow the vivid imagination to run free. You can also find illustrations in book cover art for all kinds of literature. Illustrations give meaning to the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Illustrators that work on picture books usually collaborate with authors over a number of titles or book series. This form of illustration is particularly reliant on artwork because children are known to react strongly to visuals even before they have learned to read words.

Another style of illustration is realism that is as close to reality as possible. The focus is the recreation of characters, objects, and landscapes that represent the real world in acute detail. Sometimes, the illustration looks like it is a reproduction of a photograph. This illustration style is popularly used for book covers, advertising, landscape painting, and film plates.

Mixed media illustrations combine different materials to express an image. Fabric, paint, paper, wood, metals, flowers, and other objects can be found in analogue images. Digital images often include non-visual elements like sound, moving imagery, music, or interactivity.

One of the best examples of mixed media illustrations is a collage that uses a combination of photography, magazine clippings, ribbons, and other materials to create visual montages. The 3D form of collage or assemblage involves the arrangement of objects to create a whole and display a new meaning.

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