The Future Of Tiles And Pavers: Style Meets Technology

Tiles and pavers for indoors and outdoors have become a very important component of any new construction or renovation. Technology has made it possible to choose from a wide range of styles and types that would fit any home or business. Even the process of tiling itself is now at a level that DIY activities are even possible, or at least makes it easy even for experts and professionals.


No other brand has had the experience of ensuring that this marriage between style and technology is strong than it is for Amber Tiles and its excellent product lines. With over 40 years in the industry, this company has been providing Australians the superior option for tiles, pavers, retaining walls, pool mosaics, cobbles, cladding, artificial grass, bath ware, and sealers.


The company is promoting the Urban Surface Collection, which is a true triumph of style and technology when it comes to pavers. The products from this line alone are double the thickness of other pavers, ensuring strength and durability that does not compromise on the natural aesthetic. Ideal for the outdoor areas such pools and driveways, this line maintains its stylish look even on those busy areas of a home or a business.


This ceramic stone that the Collection carries is the product of advanced tile technology that makes the pavers themselves indistinguishable from natural stone. This trend of using alternatives to natural stone is here to stay, especially with the guarantee of the same look and feel without the hassle of the maintenance and upkeep required by its natural counterparts. The whole collection is a complete system for designing any outdoor space with its full list of formats, designs, and trims to choose from. Any surface or area will benefit from this new technology of pavers and will even make outdoor spaces look even larger.


Even after a decade, despite much traffic on these surfaces, it is guaranteed that these pavers will still look as good as the day they were paved. The guarantee of superior technology and style is offered by Amber Tiles for their company and for all their products, most especially for this new collection that truly changes the pavers industry in Australia.