The Impact Of Technology On Business

Technology has affected the way that traditional business is done through the internet, mobile phones, social media and software like CRM. The growth of online shopping can be considered phenomenal and if studies are to be considered, it has already overtaken brick and mortar stores. Mobile technology that has always been considered as the next best thing that hit the world after the internet has become the platform for marketing strategies. Social media has changed the way communication is done and many businesses have shifted their attention to social media marketing.

Effects of technology on business communication

Technology has made communication faster. Thanks to email and text messaging because it has given business the opportunity for instant communication with staff in different locations. According to Walden University, the internet has allowed people to communicate regardless of time zones and language barriers. The internet has also allowed businesses to communicate and interact with their customers easily and quickly.

Technology has expanded communication opportunities. Technology has allowed businesses to conduct face to face communication through video conferencing. This technology is particularly convenient for business users in different locations because it saves them travel time, efforts and cost. Video conferencing also helps in negotiating business deals.

Technology has provided for virtual offices and telecommuting. Technology has allowed the creation of the virtual assistant who works for a business online without having to meet face to face. A virtual assistant can handle administrative tasks and services whenever necessary. Telecommuting on the other hand is an arrangement where an employee does not have to commute to work but makes use of mobile telecommunications technology from another location like the home.

Technology makes businesses more productive. Aside from the benefits that businesses have gained from technologically advanced equipment and machines, it has reduced the costs of communication because they can keep in touch with employees in different locations through emails and text messaging. However, in many instances, communication can be distracting because some employees engage with social networking sites during working hours.

Communication tools that are designed to improve productivity do the opposite when work is interrupted by personal text messages and emails.