The Need For A Good Web Design

The world has modernized and people cannot anymore do without computers and other related technological advancements. With the boom in the industry, many are now shifting their profession to web development, design and computer troubleshooters. Here are some of the things that you need to bear in mind when designing or developing websites.

  • Do not make users think. According to the first law of usability promulgated by Krug, the webpage should be self-explanatory and obvious. When you are making a website, your primary job is to get rid of the ambiguity. You need to avoid making users decide and consider pros, cons and alternatives. If the website navigation and architecture are not that intuitive, this will spark several questions to the minds of users and will make it difficult for users to understand and comprehend how the website works and how to get from one point to another. A clear structure, easily recognizable links as well as moderate visual clues will help the visitors to find their path in the website and reach their aim.


  • Do not squander the patience of the website visitors. In every project, you will offer your visitors with some tool or services in order to keep your requirements minimal. The less action that you will require from the users to test the services, the more likely will the random visitor will want to try it out. First time visitors will be willing to play with whatever service you are giving them. Do away with long web forms for an account as this may easily discourage the customers. Allow the users to explore the website and discover for themselves the services that you offer without forcing them sharing their personal data. It will not be reasonable to force the users to type in their email address in order to test a feature.


  • Manage to focus on the link that catches user’s attention. As most websites typically offers both dynamic and static content, there are some aspects of the user interface that attract attention more than the other parts do. It is obvious for example that images of gift bags in a packaging material website will be catchier compared to texts.