The Significance Of Long-Tail Keywords To Draw Traffic To The Site


Four months to go before Christmas and small retailers are already researching for keywords that people will use when searching Ugly Christmas Sweater. Although the top keywords driving traffic have not really changed that much, long tail keywords have grown significantly.

For search engine optimization (SEO), keywords that are relevant will make the site well optimized and the page usually turns up in the search engine results. For example, “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” can draw traffic to your site because it is one of the more popular keywords for the season but other long-tail keywords can be used like “tacky Christmas sweaters” or “hideous Christmas sweaters”.
The common mistakes in optimizing a site for search engines is not thinking well enough about keywords that can be effective or selecting keywords that people do not actually use. It is also possible that web designer is unaware of which search terms are popular among customers. It is also critical to remember that search engines are working for web users and not for site owners. Apart from the right keywords, content must be engaging and it should be relevant to gain organic traffic.

The following are worth remembering when choosing keywords.

• SEO approach should focus on specific keyword phrases to optimize the pages so that it will appear high on the search engine results. Best keyword phrases can be selected based on popularity and relevance.

• Make an effort to put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer and think how they will search for your site rather how you want them to find your site.

• High rankings for specific keyword phrases will only translate into traffic if they are actually used in searches.

• Pages should be optimized for keyword searches that you do not target as long as they are relevant to your site. Many people tend to use all kinds of phrases even those that are used infrequently and they can add to a very significant amount of traffic. For example, a potential customer can use “outrageous Christmas sweaters” or “funny ugly Christmas sweaters”.

Ranking and visibility on search engines can be improved by expanding the site with additional new pages.