Things You Need To Know About Genie Support

Medical performance and healthcare service delivery is now taken to a new height. Before, execution of a medical task such as surgery, child delivery and various operations requires a healthcare professional to be physically present at the operation room. Discussion and sharing of information related to the patient’s exact medical condition needs to be done over the phone or at least through tele-conference. Nowadays, performance of important medical operations can already be done remotely with the assistance of another health practitioner who is on site. Real time communication and sharing of ideas including medical research findings can already be done and accessed through genie support.

How Genie works

Genie on Cloud for Health is an IT innovation that allows health practitioners and businesses to utilize data centre resources. Instead of investing on local server and computer facilities, cloud computing for healthcare eliminates the need for capital and manpower to install and maintain the facility. With data centre resources, an end user only needs internet connection and internet-ready device to log in to a secure portal and launch genie support to access all the data required to better assist a patient.

The cost

Compared to establishment of an in-house server and computer network, cloud computing is very much cost-effective. You only have to register and pay monthly fees for every service user. Price ranges from $99 per user to $250 per month regardless of the times the network was accessed or the amount of data utilized. Compared to hiring staff and IT personnel to maintain an in-house network, paying monthly fees per user means more opportunity for you to save.

The Benefits

There are several benefits of getting genie support in the execution of your medical profession or healthcare establishment. Aside from the savings you would get, your patient’s data are organized and well-protected against physical damages such as fire, flooding or vandalism. Research work and correspondence with other healthcare professionals can also be done online through cloud computing so you can perform your profession anytime and anywhere and sometimes, even without being at the location where the operation is conducted.