Three Tips To Create Brand Recognition For The Website Of Your Law Firm


The legal industry is highly competitive. Lawyers and law firms have to invest in a great marketing strategy in order to stay ahead of the competitors and attract clients. Digital marketing is an important aspect of marketing strategy as most of the clients’ now-a-days search for their required services online.

Website of a company is an important aspect of the marketing strategy. The website of a company acts as the digital sales person and attracts potential clients. The website should be designed in a way that attracts the attention of the viewers and informs them about the services offered by your firm. For example, the website of a shoplifting lawyer should showcase the knowledge and expertise of the lawyer in handling such cases and also inform the viewers about the costs and other relevant information about shoplifting scenarios and how to handle them.

Law firms can hire the services of professional website designers or design their website in-house. No matter who designs the website, it is important to note that branding is an important aspect, to make the website stand apart and make clients remember you. Here are some branding tips for your website, if you intend to create it in-house.

Logo and Name

The logo is an important aspect in branding. The website should contain the logo of the law firm in a prominent place. The logo differentiates your firm from hundreds of other firms and helps the clients identify your brand. Logo builds brand recognition of the firm.

The URL of the website should be ideally the name of your firm. The URL should be easy to remember and spell.

Brand Colors

Use of brand colors makes the website theme attractive and also creates a bond with the customer. You can use the brand colors anywhere on the website such as background, call to action buttons, navigation buttons etc.

State Your USP

Your USP is the advantage that sets you apart from the other law firms. The USP or unique selling proposition will help the clients to relate with your website. The USP should be stated throughout the website in order to make an impact on the viewers. The USP can be included in the “about us” section, on homepage and as a tagline under your brand name and logo.

The design of a law firm’s website should be attractive in order to attract the customers and engage them. The website should have relevant information and should be able to portray the brand of your website. No matter whether you are a shoplifting lawyer or a criminal lawyer, your website should market your USP and create brand recognition.