Tips And Tricks For An Awesome Automated Home

Home automation systems offer a lot of benefits to homeowners when it comes to running the house. One of the major benefits is the convenience provided because of the things they can do through the use of home control systems. Things such as lights turning off automatically and window shades closing whenever the sun outside is too bright are only some of the best examples that showcase how convenient it can get. If you have chosen to install a simple system for your home and decided to upgrade, here are some techniques you can follow:

  • If you have a house that is equipped with home automation system, you might be excited to show it off with friends and relatives to let them appreciate it too. This is why Cantara Design decided to create a House Tour button for their home systems. According to Jason Voorhees, the House Tour button will enable the entire system inside the house such as setting the light, turning on the projection and television screens, turns on fountains and entertainment system to set the house to its most beautiful.
  • One problem with watching a movie in full volume is that you might miss an important call because you are not able to hear the phone ringing or you might not be aware that someone is outside and trying to reach you through the intercom. With home automation, the movie or TV show is temporarily paused in case of a call or an intercom call. After which, the owner can easily press play to resume what they are watching.
  • From Theater Advice, David Huse, said that the home automation system can be used to scare away intruders. You don’t need an alarm to do it but you could record your own voice to make sure they never try it again. This can be set depending on the time and a motion detector can be placed on the yard to trigger the recording.
  • If you want to watch from a single TV at any point in your house, there are systems for home automation that makes it possible. All they have to do is install a mount that will make it possible for the TV to turn in any direction. This can be controlled through a handheld remote.