Tips In Improving Your Fantasy Themed Illustrated Map


If you have always dreamed of creating a fantasy map that will rival those that you see on posters, all over the internet as well as books then you should read on until the end of this article to learn more tips and tricks on how to improve you fantasy map making skills.

  • You should know the story that you are trying to convey with your map. According to Jason Thompson who is a contributor at an illustrated map website shared that people who are looking at the fantasy maps you created should be able to ignite their imagination just by staring at it. One should be able to look at the map and get excited at all the areas that are within it and what promise every part of the land holds. He added that the act of making an illustrated map is much like taking a snapshot from your videos. You should be able to stop it at that specific point in time. In games as well as fantasy world, maps are often considered as a static image but is is more than that.
  • Make sure that you think of the viewer when you are on the process of creating your map. The map should be a medium wherein information is conveyed through it. The goal is to encourage the viewer to take a look at your map and they should be able to understand it.
  • Though you are creating maps for a fantasy land, it is important that you have knowledge of the real geography. It is the best way that you can create geographical elements that are realistic, by looking at the real thing. You should study the shapes of your environment, the mountain ranges you see and rivers below you.

Decide on your palette. If you are making a fantasy map for a print book, all you can work with is black and white. For colored fantasy illustrated map, colors can do so much to the overall art. Study maps with the same vibes as you desire and look at the color palette used.