Tips On How To Utilize Technology Inside The Classroom


There are many opportunities presented by incorporating technology inside the classroom. Majority of schools that have embraced technology are international schools such as British school in Bangkok because of the standard of education they are expected to deliver to their students. Sadly, not all educators know how to fully utilize technology in order to make classroom learning more engaging and interesting. Here are some tips on how to use technology.

  • Virtual Reality and Field Trip. You might think these two cannot be more different but they can actually be fused in order to give students a new experience. If it is impossible for the students to go on a real field trip for some reason, virtual reality is on the rescue. All you need is Google Cardboard then download apps that feature popular locations around the world such as the Eiffel Tower.
  • Noise Meter. This is quite a common scenario, students get noisy and the teachers have to shush them thus disrupting the class. With technology, the teacher can use a noise tracking tool which will display how noisy the room is. The students will be aware if they get too loud and quite themselves without the teacher having to stop the lesson.
  • Live video streaming. The era of showing pre-recorded movies and videos has moved on to live streaming. It is now possible for students to learn while listening to a conference or to a speaker even if they are in another place.
  • Preview locations. If the entire class is planning to go on a fieldtrip, it is possible to preview the location before the visit with the help of Google Earth. The entire class can check out the location through Street View and figure out where they want to go and what they wanted to visit the most. It raises the students’ excitement for the trip.
  • Show videos. Film showings are common but a British school in Bangkok is using videos as introduction to lessons or part of a discussion. It is beneficial for visual learners within the class.