Trends That Dominate The Tech Industry

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Every tech professional understands the importance of being updated with the current trends in the digital industry. User experience matters more than ever across all industries. Companies have to redesign customer-engagement models to be able to adjust to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. User-experience-led software design will be very important in redesigning customer-facing products and services so that companies can retain and recapture their customers.

The rapid expansion in the usage of progressive web apps combined with the adoption of advanced low-code technologies will allow the development of more cross-platform applications. However, app developers must ensure the security of the app from the start for timely deployment and updates to customers.

Right now, security and compliance are mainly reactive but through a “shift left” approach, developers and security teams can work together proactively to identify any security issues before deploying cloud resources. Expecting, identifying, and mitigating security failure will be the trend in the coming months.

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