Videos As Powerful Tool In The Marketing Strategy


Videos have been proven to be a powerful and effective part of a marketing strategy. Recently, review videos are being watched and shared by many people because of the wealth of information they contain that can be consumed in just two minutes or even less.

Videos can be considered a marketing investment. A review video on the landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Buying decisions can be influenced by simply watching a customer share his personal experience with a brand as opposed to reading a review that says that a product or service is excellent.

After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine. If you highlight a review video on the landing page, the opportunity to show up with the first pages of search engine results is greatly increased. If you promote the review video on social media platforms, your chances of being found by other consumers go through the roof.

Review videos are the perfect way to provide your business with personality. It enables you to connect with potential customers and earn their trust. Videos are considered to be more reliable in providing information. Well-created videos can build a foundation of trust that will translate to more conversions.

You can’t deny that it is easier to watch king kong agency review on YouTube than reading them on a third-party review platform. Besides that, videos are more entertaining and encourage you to watch until it is finished. Videos are particularly useful in demonstrating the benefits that can be generated from an excellent digital marketing strategy.