Which Device Is Best Suited For Blogging?


Blogs can be very interesting to read no matter if it’s a My Little Pony blog, blog about food, or a travel blog. So if you own a blog site, you would most likely want to post something every day. Regular updates could be influenced by the type of device that the blogger is using.

You can use a number of devices when you are blogging. From iPads to smartphones to laptops and tablets, all of them can be used to create and post a blog. Unfortunately, each type of device can provide a different user experience for the blogger. This would ultimately lead to the question as to which device is best suited for travel blogging.

Smartphones offer a number of advantages for a blogger. First of all, they’re basically an all in one tool. They have flashlights, maps, calculators and even players. Smartphones can be easily connected to an Internet connection even without the cell data. You can just go to a nearby café or someplace where WIFI is available and you’ll be connected instantly if there are no passwords required.
Unfortunately, battery life can be an issue with this device.

The advantages of using tablets are first and foremost, a longer battery life. Second, you may not be able to gain access from standard call or text tools but there are substitutes like Skype. Although with tablets, it is never a good idea to take photos because their size makes them hard to hold and focus. They also cannot fit in your pockets and even with a bigger screen; the features are pretty much the same with smartphones.

The only choice for travel before is laptops. They are very versatile and its features allow you to do pretty much everything with it. You do not have to think about storage space because it seldom becomes an issue. They are also more powerful than any tablet or phone combined and using them will get you to finish things much faster. Unfortunately, weight can be an issue. You cannot just slip them in your pocket and be done. You would have to carry them in your bags. They are also more expensive and you will also be more worried about theft or even damage. Fragility is also an issue as you cannot drop them without sustaining damage. If you are a traveler with an online business, then they would be perfect for you, if not, don’t bother.

For basic travelers, smartphones are the best choice as they are easier to manage and carry. But if you are traveling for business purposes, you would need a laptop.