Why Android Users should install Android Anti-Virus Apps


Are you a proud owner of an Android phone? If so, have you downloaded Android’s anti-virus (AV) apps or do you belong to the group that believes the security apps are unnecessary? It won’t hurt your Android phone if you download the security apps particularly since it is absolutely free and does not affect the performance of your phone.

There are different versions of Android security apps from the free to the paid that includes additional features like backing up data, locating devices and locking stolen phones. The Android app that you should consider must not impact on battery life and should not slow down the device during normal usage. It is also essential for the app not to generate too much traffic.

You have nothing to lose if you install an Android AV app on your phone. To make things clear for Android users, Android AV apps do not work like Windows anti-virus software that can remove malware or put it in quarantine. What Android AV apps do is to block URL scan downloads for malware and identify malware installed on devices. The Android operating system treats malware like any other application through an isolation process that is called sandboxing.

An Android user who wants to remove malware manually must first locate the malware in the Application section of the device’s System Manager. And then, open malware app statistics page and tap to uninstall. It is important to remember to uninstall any application that the Android AV app identifies as malware because if not removed, it will continue to function regardless of the fact that the Android AV app is aware of the installed malware.

If you are not yet convinced to install Android AV app, be aware that in 2013 alone AV-Test has registered 1.5 million Android-related malware samples bringing the total Android malware to 1.8 million. If you want free apps, you can check out AV Test results that compare most of the popular AV apps for Android based on utility and quality of protection.

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