Why It Isn’t Easy To Find A VHS To DVD Transfer Service

It really isn’t easy to transfer an old home movie VHS tape to DVD. You need to find a local store that converts VHS to DVD services. Previously, everyone you know had VHS tapes and will eventually want it transferred to DVDs. So why is it hard to find service providers for its conversions? Here are some reasons why:

  • A VHS to DVD transfer service isn’t a hot business idea. In fact, there will be less movie tapes to transfer to DVD as this market is relatively shrinking with less demand for more. You wouldn’t want to invest in a business where profit is the least thing that can happen.


  • You can’t easily find the tape transfer equipment. Do a Google search for the transfer equipment! Most of the product links that direct to these pages inform online users that the item is out of stock, not in stock or no longer available. So how do you expect to run this business if there is no equipment to work on.


  • You compete with online retailers. While it may be hard to find a VHS to DVD transfer lab locally, you will find hundreds of businesses competing with you. They may charge $15 for a short VHS tape, or probably a dollar for photo scanning, as many of them ship the work to Pakistan, India or Mexico. So it’s really hard to compete your local video lab with online retailers.

Another factor to consider is the uncomfortable shipping of the VHS tapes to the service provider. Many of them have their business shut down before the tapes are returned to the owner, or the VHS tapes get lost or damaged along the way. So you wouldn’t have peace of mind when you settle for VHS to DVD services far from your area.

You need to do your homework before you make a choice on settling for a VHS to DVD service online or near your area. You may need to verify from Google by reading positive reviews and feedbacks about the company. You can also ask your friends who have done converting the VHS tapes to DVD. Ensure that you’re only dealing with a reputed company, so you can expect a great outcome from the precious tapes.