Why Prefer A Mains Electric Fence Energizer?


Electric fencing will keep intruders and wild animals away from your property. It offers a kind of security wherein the impulse can provide a ward off to intruders and whenever the fence wires are cut or shorted by an object. That’s why you need to choose between a mains electric fence energizer or battery and solar-powered energizer. You certainly need the right kind of protection.

Using electric fencing will provide security to your home, complex, office parks, industrial buildings, farms, game reserves and small holdings. It is also considered one of the most inexpensive security solutions. You just need to install an electric fence and do some research for installation companies in your area. You can ask people you know like your neighbours, especially if they have installed one in their property, the high-quality workmanship of the installers and their after-sales service, warranties and more.

Fence Components

You need to know the components included when installing an electric fence. You have the energizer like the mains electric fence energizer as the main component. You provide your fence with pulse for every second. It will come with electronic controller components and a capacitor to indicate alarms when needed. The electric fence can be activated or deactivated depending on how you can use it.

It also comes with support brackets that have a variety of choices, from reinforced uprights, square tubing and round bars. The wire is aluminium, which has a longer life span, never rusts and becomes unsightly. There are also isolators, joiners, tensioners, brackets and insulators. You are also provided with LED indicator eyes to alarm outsiders that the fence has energizers.


To ensure that the mains electric fence energizer is properly installed, check out for installers near your area or through the Internet. There are lots of providers to find, but you can choose those if recommended by people you know. You can read reviews and testimonials about their installation service. Go ask for quotes for comparison. Here, you can ensure that the fence provides the required protection for your property, so you have peace of mind.