Why The ATX Is Better Than Micro ATX

For those who are not familiar with computer motherboards, ATX which is short for Advanced Technology Extended and Micro ATX are both the standard types of motherboards. The most obvious difference between the two is the bigger size of the ATX motherboard compared to the micro ATX motherboard. Remember that if you are choosing which to buy between the two, your decision will directly impact the future decisions you will have in buying. The most obvious you will have to consider when buying components in the future is whether they are compatible to the motherboard or not.

The first advantage of the ATX motherboard is the options for cases. When considering larger cases, the ATX motherboard offers more options. If the case is larger, then it is possible to have wider array of advanced alternatives as well including SLI ad tri-SLI. The problem with micro ATX motherboard is that there are not enough room to handle a number of video cards art one. This is an important requirement especially for serious PC gamers because they need advanced computers which will be able to give a lot of power. This is also preferred by individuals that uses more than one computer monitor at the same time.

The second advantage of ATX motherboard which is full sized is that it can handle many ports such as SATA slots, USB and PCI. If there are many USB ports, it is easier to make use of peripherals such as game controllers and webcams. PCI slots are not commonly used but these are useful for sound card as well as firewire. If the motherboard can handle more SATA connections then it is possible to incorporate additional disc drives and internal hard drives if needed.

Lastly, the best thing about an ATX motherboard is that it is easier to exchange the components and to install them. The components are not crammed against one another leaving for more room to work around. All the ports found on the board come with complete and clear labels. ATX motherboard is able to handle higher power which is recommended for users that make their processors and video cards work hard every time.